Hillary Jordan , Author of Mudbound and When She Woke
"With Glow, Jessica Maria Tuccelli has brought our Southern past to visceral and gorgeous life. Prepare to be drenched in the fierce humanity of her characters, bewitched by the powerful music of their voices and seared by the beauty and tragedy of their stories."
Ladies' Home Journal "Fans of The Help, this one's for you: A tale of ghosts, slavery, racism and redemption wrapped up in an epic testament to the power of maternal love."
Mark Childress , Author of Crazy in Alabama and Georgia Bottoms
"Glow is one of the strangest and most original first novels I've ever read—linguistically complex, vivid, and inventive. I can't think of another book even remotely like it, with the possible exception of Eudora Welty's The Robber Bridegroom. Jessica Maria Tuccelli takes enormous risks in her book, which pay off in subtle and interesting rewards. We'll be hearing a lot more about this writer."
Edmonton Journal (CAN) , Karen Virag
"A wonderful debut novel... [Tuccelli] writes with extraordinary empathy about courage, honour and racism in the Deep South. Glow is by turns engrossing and appalling, fascinating and horrifying."
Amy Greene , Author of Bloodroot
"Glow is a beautifully wrought debut novel about magic, nature, history and the undying bonds of mother love. Jessica Maria Tuccelli is a remarkable new writer to watch."
Fredericksburg Freelance Star "[Tuccelli] has crafted an intricate and fascinating story spanning several generations. [Glow] is full of love, hate, discrimination, heart break, hardiness, ghosts and hoodoo. Every page seems to introduce a new twist to draw the reader in and keep the pages turning. You won't be disappointed."
Historical Writers Society (UK) "The book flows along with toughness and tenderness, people in love with the land and willing to suffer and sacrifice personal desires to survive...the overlying tapestry is a harsh, beautiful, and realistic portrayal of a significant portion of American history. Remarkable!"
Booklist "Full of historical detail and tinged with mysticism . . . Tuccelli's novel brims with the love and fierce loyalty that bind [its] disparate generations together."
Publishers Weekly "In Tuccelli's sweeping debut, mothers and daughters are fiercely tethered over six generations and beyond death... [Its] elaborately woven plot serves the story well, peppering the novel with moments of lingering beauty and shocking violence."
Tottenville Review "Chockfull of Beloved-like ghosts [and] peopled by a chorus of voices as varied as they are remarkably rendered, Glow is unflinching in its portrait of slavery, violence, and prejudice. [A] genuine page-turner that is also lyrically fearless...and beautifully composed."
WritersCast , David Wilk
"Tuccelli is a lovely writer, and her almost magical ability to capture the voices and stories of the diverse characters in this novel is striking. She does not shy away from pain and suffering, but manages to find transcendence and hope for her characters against tremendous odds. The people in Glow are powerfully real, committed to family, to the land, and to the personal histories that make them who they are."
Mark Spragg , Author of An Unfinished Life and Bone Fire
"Ms. Tuccelli has rendered a novel of such precise honesty that it casts its own bright incandescence upon its readers. The language is varied and musical throughout, and the characters as recognizable as one's family. I will care about these people for years to come."
Emily Gatlin , Reed's Gumtree Bookstore, Tupelo, Mississippi
"A beautiful debut novel that far exceeded my already high expectations. Lyrical, enlightening, and wonderfully good for the soul."
Dave King , Author of The Ha-Ha
"The collage of voices that comprise Jessica Maria Tuccelli's lovely Glow speak to us less of our national differences than of the great interweaving that is a constant in the American experience. Written with perfect pitch and impressive confidence, Glow is a debut novel of great craft, uncommonly sure storytelling and elegant narrative vision."
Emily Gibbs , Murder on the Beach Bookstore, Delray Beach, Florida
"Tuccelli beautifully brings to life the pioneering people of the North Georgia mountains. Full of folklore, forbidden loves, and the strength of the human spirit."
Michelle Latiolais , Author of Widow and A Proper Knowledge
"As a nation we are haunted by certain histories, our past forever weighed down. Many manage to live without being much troubled by a nation's sorry mistakes, but here is a novel about individuals profoundly, perilously affected by antebellum America, and how those lives reach forward, abide, as 'haints,' as miracles."
Steve Yarbrough , Author of The End of California and Safe from Neighbors
"In this powerful novel, Tuccelli masterfully handles the revolving first person, rendering each character distinct, individual and, always, believable. Race and history are never easy to write about, but she does it beautifully, making us care about these people and their own personal stories. This is a debut novel, but it reads like the work of a seasoned writer. I was enormously impressed. Glow belongs on the A list."
School Library Journal "What shines through so many of the family stories over the many generations is the sense of compassion, hope, love, and the ties that bind the families together...Recommend this one to teens who enjoy Southern historical fiction, family sagas, and spunky heroines."